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Smoke & Rouge PRO Artist Palette
Smoke & Rouge PRO Artist Palette

Introducing the brand new 180 vibrant colour Smoke & Rouge PRO Artist Palette by Sculpt Beauty.


Its the most advanced makeup palette in the industry, whether or not you’re a professional or if you just love makeup.


Six pads of colour making 180 high pigmented, long lasting eyeshadows consisting of matte, shimmer, high shimmer and multi tone colours.


Easy to apply, comes in a small compact case.


High Pigment colour with ingredients that are designed to make your colour last all day long.

The double deck design reduces 1/2 size of the case, perfect for casual, wedding & party makeup.

This eye shadow palette is designed for professional cosmetician and the amateur.

* PLEASE NOTE: That you are purchasing the Sculpt Beauty Artist palette with minor defects to the casing. The eyeshadows will be in perfect condition but on receipt of the palette there may a crack in the casing. Non refundable.

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