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Sculpt Beautys Bridal Beauty is recognised as a cut above the rest. Though we are known for our professional approach, cutting edge techniques and our creative flair, our bridal services and wedding makeup services are definitely the most appreciated. Our creative artistry comes across in all our work but Bridal & Wedding Makeup being our core. Our brides are not just brides but a work of art. From a Traditional to an Elegant, from Asian Bridal Makeup to Contemporary Wedding Makeup, we can create an effect perfecting the most stunning of brides.

Sculpt Beautys brides look nothing less then breath taking and 80% of our clientele come to us through recommendation. We have earned recognition and have established an excellent reputation throughout the world of Beauty and an even bigger reputation amongst the Asian Wedding Makeup industry. We have just introduced Mens Grooming which also can be part of a bridal service.

We are specialists in Make-up, Hair & Styling, whether it be Bridal, Fashion, Media, Catwalk or Editorial.  At Sculpt Beauty we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and our bespoke approach.  We are experts in all aspects of bridal styling and our stylists can understand and interpret our clients vision and requirements.  Our approach is professional and friendly and starts off with a thorough consultation, colour analysis and if required a bridal trial. We spend time and effort to try and understand and visualise your requirements, offering you the best in expert advice with your wedding makeup.

The Sculpt Beauty team consists of Professional Make-up artists, whose styles have graced many catwalks, shoots and screens; Exquisite Henna Artists, Nail Technicians and Hair & Fashion stylists.


Bridal Services


Many brides want to please everyone on their wedding day and forget about themselves. This day should be about you and feeling the most beautiful you’ve ever been. At Sculpt Beauty we appreciate the importance of looking and feeling stunning on the day with as little stress as possible.

Bridal Party

Sculpt Beauty is unrivalled due to its understanding of individual distinctiveness of each face. We work with the bride, to create the perfect hair and make-up for the bridal party to compliment the bride perfectly. We manage the whole beauty event so you don't have to! Our team consists of hair stylists, beauticians, make-up artists and henna artists.

Bridal Beauty

Every bride and her party need to get a list of beauty treatments done before the big day. We can send you one of our beauty therapists who can cater for all your beauty needs in the comfort of your own home. Services include waxing, threading, eyebrows, massage, manicure, pedicure, nail technicians and tanners.

Traditional Bride

At Sculpt Beauty we create the most stunning of brides. In order to create the perfect traditional bride you need to balance the beautiful culture with stunning artistry and styling that compliments and enhances the brides outfit and theme. We are experts in designing a look guaranteed to create that regal traditional glamour you wish to endure.

Bridal Henna

Our Henna Artists impressions are impressive and we have the ability to fulfill the diverse and often challenging needs from our clients and the fast efficient pace in which we work in, makes us one of the most sought after henna artists in the country, particularly with brides. We can cater for your whole bridal party and create a bespoke package that is suited for you. Our styles range from modern, arabic to traditional.

Showstopper Bride

At Sculpt Beauty we understand that make-up trends are always changing. Nowadays bridal fashion has elevated to new heights and our team are on the ready to create a look for you that will not only create the WOW factor but also have jaws hit the floor when you make your entrance.




The Sculpt Beauty bridal experience traditionally starts of with a consultation and trial session with your chosen Make-up Artist & Stylist. Saying that you do not need to have a trial if you do not want to. Some brides choose to have a detailed conversation with us and explain to us what they want and because our team are highly skilled and we also allocate enough dressing up time to our brides, they put their trust in us and we make sure we deliver exactly the look they wish to have, regardless of a trial.

The bridal make-up trial is used to try different looks / products, and to ensure that we find the look you’ve always dreamt of for your wedding day. The trial itself usually takes place in Sculpt Beautys London make-up studio or for an extra charge in the comfort of your own home, and lasts for 1-2 hours. We also offer a bespoke service and travel to you for your trial.

We advise you to bring visuals with you at the trial so we can ensure both artist and bride are on the same page, however if you do not have any visuals we can always talk you through what will suit your outfit and your features to make sure that you look absolutely stunning on your wedding day.


Our impeccable reputation is wide spread and we are very delighted to be able to offer our services worldwide. We do not have Sculpt Beauty make-up artists dotted around the globe, however if you would like to book our Creative director Uzma Yakoob, or any of our team to get you slammed up, this can be organised. Our charges will be our daily rate + expenses. All accessories will be included for free for the whole bridal team.


At Sculpt Beauty we recognise that as well as the bride, it is important that the bridesmaids and mother of the bride look just as gorgeous! When you are discussing your bridals beauty needs during consultation and trial we will also put together the perfect look for your bridal party to compliment the bride. Our highly skilled team cater for hair and make-up. We send out enough artists to cater for your event smoothly. We stay with the bridal party up until the point where their touch ups are done and they are ready to rock and roll.

We take pride in ensuring that our bridal sessions are well managed, everything in our department is taken care of and the pressure is off the bride and her team. This is a time where we want you to sit back relax and enjoy getting slammed up.


The sculpt beauty bride is known to look stunning. Not only is that the result of our highly skilled expertise but also because we plan and manage our brides well. We allocate enough time for our brides to get ready but also enjoy getting ready which is a vital part of your wedding day. When we take a bridal booking, our brides are entitled to 4 hours of getting ready time. We do not back to back book clients, because we want our brides to feel pampered and not rushed. Saying that it is up to the bride when she would like us to arrive to get her ready.

When we arrive on the day, we expect the bride to be ready for us (hair washed, dried, groomed etc). We will then set up her outfit and jewellery, set up our tools and discuss once more what we will be doing. Most of our bridal packages include hair, styling and dressing. Once the bride is completely ready and happy, our artist will then leave.


To book a trial or consultation, please call us on 02033023553 or email us with your dates, time to be ready, number of events on

We will then get back to you and discuss details and possible trial and/or consultation.

Though we have a huge team, it is important that as soon as you want to book a date, you must make our payment straight away. We take full payment up front, which can be paid by cash, credit card or bank transfer. All outstanding payments (for larger parties or more then one event) must cleared 1 month in before the event.

Creative Director

Multi Award Winning Uzma Yakoob is one of UK’s top make-up artists and a celebrity in her own right. Working through the fashion and beauty industry since the age of 17, Uzma has over 18 years of experience working on countless brides and numerous celebrities and global brands. Her skills and techniques are wide spread, educator for London Make-up Institute and YouTube phenomena teaching millions across the world how to perfect their make up skills and make celebrity worn styles work on themselves. Uzma has been featured in many publications, tv channels and her unique skills, understanding of make-up and creativity has created Sculpt Beauty the brand. Her knowledge of make-up takes her to such an extent to where she has created two make-up brands for Sculpt Beauty.</p> <p>Uzma Yakoob is also a stylist so she will work with you to create different looks and styles that will suit you and create that wow factor on your wedding events every time you make your entrance.

Make-up & Stylists

The Sculpt Beauty Artists are highly trained and skilled individuals who have been trained and mentored personally by Award Winning Celebrity Make-up Artist Uzma Yakoob. These professionals have gone through intensive training and each have been tested and put through pressured working environments to build and test their technique, skill, knowledge and ability to deliver as qualified Make-up Artists that we are proud to represent. The Artists are trained and possess the skills to identify your features to bring out the best in your make-up and overall style on your wedding day. Sculpt Beauty Artists are available all over the UK, Canada, US, Europe and the UAE. When booking a Sculpt Beauty Make-up Artist you will be getting a professional and unique service that you can trust. We can cater for everything from your mehndi, beauty treatments and party bookings.


Price & Packages


All our packages are all inclusive of HD/Photographic Long-lasting Make-up, Lashes, Elaborate Hair styling including hair pieces required & complete fashion styling, dressing & jewellery fixture.

We understand that brides usually have more then one event and can offer you a discount should you book more then one event.


  • 1 Event :  £650    /  1 Event + 1 evening change £900 (includes, make-up touch up, dressing and hair change)
  • 2 Events: £1150
  • 3 Events: £1600
  • Daily rate: £1200


  • 1 Event :  £395    /  1 Event + 1 evening change £700 (includes, make-up touch up, dressing and hair change)
  • 2 Events: £750
  • 3 Events: £1000
  • Daily rate: £800

All our packages are all inclusive of HD/Photographic Long-lasting Make-up, Lashes, Hair styling. Hair pieces will be charged separately if required.

  • Hair & Make-up : £125 each
  • Hair & Make-up for 5+ people : £100 each
  • Make-up only : £80
  • Hair Only : £60
  • Elaborate Hair : £75
  • Hijab Setting: £50
Henna / Mehndi

Our henna artists can cater to whatever henna style you require, whether it be Arabic, modern or traditional. Our artists will visit you at your chosen location. For bridal henna we advise 2 days before the main event. We can also cater for your Mehndi and henna parties and events.

Bridal Mehndi – from £150 – £250 (dependent on style and coverage)

Bridal Parties – £10 – £50 per hand (dependent on style)

or £80 per hour.

Glamorous Creativity


Uzma Yakoob
Creative Director
Uzma Yakoob
Creative Director
Uzma Yakoob
Creative Director
Uzma Yakoob
Creative Director
Uzma Yakoob
Creative Director

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